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  • Twitch streamer uses phone as sex toy, gets 24-hour ban

    After what appeared to be a slow down of absolutely wild things happening on Twitch, we've returned to reality it

    Valve Responds to Banning of Kuku From Chongqing and WESG

    Valve Corporation, publishers of Dota 2, took to Reddit on Monday afternoon and issued the following statement regarding the ban

    The Esports Integrity Coalition Lays Down 5-Year Ban for Nikhil "forsaken" Kumawat for Cheating

    After looking at all the evidence from the past week, the Esports Integrity Coalition has come down hard on Nikhil

    Loot Boxes Declared Gambling in Belgium, Removed from Overwatch

    Players in Belgium will no longer be able to purchase loot boxes in Blizzard Entertainment's massive online shooter, Overwatch. The Belgian Gaming

    Epic Clarifies Permanent Ban on FaZe Fortnite Player TFUE

    Epic Games has shined a light on the recent permanent ban placed upon a prominent member of the Fortnite scenes account. FaZe