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  • Apex Legends: abilities of Legend Skunner leaked

    More leaks have come out providing us details on the abilities of the one of the next Legends coming to

    Apex Legends update adds Iron Crown event, nerfs R-301 & Alternator

    Apex Legends has received the latest update to bring in the Iron Crown event which kicks off today August 13.

    ESPN pulls Apex Legends tournament from TV following mass shootings

    A hit at gaming and esports has been made as ESPN has decided to pull their broadcast of the X

    Heat map of most popular Apex Legends drop spots

    With a full season completed for Apex Legends and another well on its way, we've got a good look at

    Respawn announces Apex Legends solos game mode

    Respawn Entertainment has officially announced a solos game mode. The catch? It's a limited time mode. The Iron Crown Collection Event

    Solos & duos coming to Apex Legends according to leaks

    It's been desired since the games release, yet many thought it may never come. Solo and/or duo modes may be

    Respawn provides developer update for Apex Legends - exclusive skins

    Respawn Entertainment has provided an update on what they're working on, what's to come, bug fixes, and the EXP Invitational. Discussing

    Respawn reveals $500,000 Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

    Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have announced the $500,000 Apex Legends Preseason Invitational. The event is scheduled to take place

    Team Secret adds Apex Legends roster

    Team Secret has unveiled their move into Apex Legends with the announcement of their new roster. Ahmed “Yousif” Al-Dabboos, Grant

    List of Apex Legends issues being worked on by development team

    While the second season of Apex Legends brought about a wealth of new content, meta changes, challenges, and a ranking

    Apex Legends: season 2 patch notes -Mozambique, P2020 buffed & more

    Season 2 of Apex Legends is officially live! The update introduces a new and improve battle pass, the new Legend

    Apex Legends: Wattson trailer released ahead of season 2

    Apex Legends kicks off today and Respawn Entertainment has provided a deeper look at the new Legend Wattson ahead of