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Apex Legends player gets a ‘triple stick’ in Arenas

Nice throws, man.

Apex Legends player eliminates enemy team and themselves with Fuse’s ultimate

Fuse is even deadlier when you disregard personal safety.

Respawn increases Valkyrie’s fuel consumption on her tactical to stop Apex players from hovering indefinitely

Respawn also delayed a fix to the leaver penalty in Arenas.

Apex Legends players reporting unwarranted abandon penalties in Arenas mode, Respawn ‘investigating’

Uh oh.

Apex Legends Mobile closed beta is now live in the Philippines

The game will be releasing globally later this year.

Respawn planning to push fix for Wattson fence bug and Arenas exploits on May 24

Wattson's fences and a ghost rock are getting a bit of a touch-up.

Thermal Station is now live in Arenas map rotation, replaces Artillery

The floor is lava.

Apex Legends’ Mirage Edition now available for purchase

From old-fashioned cowboy to technologic cowboy with a mustache.

Respawn disables Valkyrie in Firing Range after kill farming exploit

Players can still use her normally in other modes.

Valkyrie’s Punk Rocket skin now available in Apex Legends through Twitch’s Prime Gaming

Take to the skies like a punk.

EA fixes issue that banned lots of Apex Legends players for no reason

The users were doing all sorts of in-game activities when the ban hit—and some of them weren't even in-game.

Respawn delays fix for Apex’s Phase Runner ‘ghost rock’ exploit—but it’s still a bannable offense

You should probably avoid testing this one out.