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Apex Legends season 3: weapon details - all buffs & nerfs

With the debut of Apex Legends season 3 yesterday, it's time to figure out which weapons are going give you

Apex Legends: Immortal "Shield Support" details leaked

The leaks just keep coming out and providing us details on the abilities of next Legends coming to Respawn Entertainment’s

Apex Legends: Jericho details leaked

More leaks have come out providing us details on the abilities of the one of the next Legends coming to

List of Apex Legends issues being worked on by development team

While the second season of Apex Legends brought about a wealth of new content, meta changes, challenges, and a ranking

Apex Legends: Wattson - details officially revealed

With Season 2 on the horizon, Respawn Entertainment and EA have released new details on the soon to be released

Respawn v1.2 patch notes: Legendary Hunt challenges, Apex Elite & more

Respawn Entertainments latest update to Apex Legends has added a new limited time event, the Apex Elite Queue, double XP

Major Apex Legends update coming next week

Respawn Entertainment has revealed a major update hitting Apex Legends next week. With updates not coming too often in comparison to

fer & other pros trash talk vertigo

Photo: Joe Brady/ECS With Vertigo having been introduced into the competitive map pool march on March 13, we're starting to get

Apex Legends: three missing pieces

Replayability - This is the key to almost any game and especially online and/or competitive games. Now how does a game developer

LEAKED: missions coming to Apex Legends

Gaming fans have always enjoyed having someting to chase and achieve and Apex Legends may be getting that in a

Respawn provides a new kind of check in

While Respawn quickly mentioned there was no updates on what's happening with Apex Legends in their latest "Check In," they

Vitality apEX on ZyWoo: "obviously we all are in his shadow"

Photo: ESL By Taras Bortnik Special to VPEsports During Vitality's run at the IEM Katowice 2019 Major, we had the chance to sit