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4AM abandon the Dota 2 project

The partnership between Four Angry Men (4AM) and the Chinese multi-network platform Elephant seems to be over after just six

The Elephant - 4AM partnership for the Dota 2 team is crumbling, the two organizations admit negotiations failure

Four Angry Men’s (4AM) venture into the Dota 2 scene was stained right from the very first roster announcement and,

PSG.LGD take down Elephant.4AM to win the CDA-FDC Professional Championship title

CDA-FDC Professional Championship came to an end with a rather anticipated PSG.LGD versus Elephant.4AM best-of-five battle for the title and

Insane Rapier comeback from Yang saves Elephant.4AM from elimination

CDA-FDC Professional Championship playoffs stage reached the elimination series today with China’s super team Elephant.4AM fighting for survival in their

Elephant.4AM to debut next week at CDA-FDC Professional Championship

A new tournament for China region is on the horizon and this one will feature the much anticipated Elephant.4AM debut. CDA-FDC

Sylar asks the fans to stop bashing at his former 4AM teammates

The Elephant.4AM-Eurus-Sylar roster announcement drama has finally come to an end, but the fans in China are not ready to

Vici Gaming co-owner on the Eurus transfer: ”They just waited until he didn't have any choice, and exploited him”

Chen Qing, Vici Gaming co-owner, decided to go live on stream after Lu "Maybe" Yao shared his knowledge on the

Sylar is the final 4AM puzzle piece, full roster announced

The wait is over, the next China dream team, 4 AM.Elephant has been finally officially announced after a couple of

4am give hints at who are the first members arriving at the team house

Four Angry Men, in short 4am, are set to enter the Dota 2 scene with what is regarded to be,

Vici Gaming likely to have signed 23savage while Yang hints at a 4AM announcement

Vici Gaming are making the news in the Chinese media as they are likely to lose Zhang “Eurus/ Paparazi灬” Chengjun

Reports say Maybe and fy left PSG.LGD

The Chinese tier one competitive scene is undergoing shuffle movements this month and the first bit of reports are citing