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Yesterday, TACO tweeted an opinion about how he wanted a radar bind to be removed from competition:


The discussion around the radar blew up as it’s a point of Counter-Strike that has never been particularly discussed. As far as we know, it’s completely legal within the rules of the tournament and even if you removed it, you can do a work around as ethan points out in his reply to TACO:


ChrisJ points out that the bind doesn’t give that much of a competitive advantage regardless:


YNk points out that the problem with the overall discussion is that it’s a game thing more than a tournament thing:


The most interesting proposals I saw were from SPUNJ and Golden. SPUNJ proposed removing enemies from the radar altogether:


Golden pointed out that this is bad for the casual player and opted for a delay instead:


This is one of those areas where I’d need first hand experience watching top CS:GO pros play. As we all know, smokes can appear differently for spectators and players. While some have pointed to Astralis benefitting from this the most, they are also the team that has players who have deliberately practiced shooting into smokes, learning the angles, and the likely spots that other players hold. It’s too much to say that the radar bind is the primary reason they’re winning when as far as I can tell, it’s their rotational CS and ability to control team reactions that has put them leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.


While this is a topic worth discussing, right now it’s too late. Every player has practiced on these settings and for the Major at least, they should keep the rules the same. After that, if the players and teams still feel strongly about it, they should do a sit-down where they talk about the smoke, radar, and its implications for CS:GO.

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