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With EVO 2018 fast coming upon us, I plan to make a series of short guides to some of the games I plan to be watching. In this first one I go over Melee. For those who don’t know, Smash Bros. Melee is an old school game whose history is surprisingly well documented. As of the current time, there are 6 big players to look out for: Hungrybox, Armada, Leffen, Plup, Mango, and Mew2King.


Hungrybox is the best player in the world and has been for quite some time. Despite his level of excellence and consistency, he is a controversial figure both for his choice of using Jigglypuff and because of personal feuds he has had with other melee players. (The most famous was with Mango years ago and currently it is with Leffen).


While Hungrybox is the best player in the world, I consider Armada to be a very close second. In my estimation, Armada is likely the greatest player of all time in Melee history. The most consistent player I’ve seen in Melee history and someone who can have just as high peaks as any other player.


Leffen is the third notable player and I’ll be talking about him again when it comes to Dragonball Fighter Z. As a player, he has a lot of the qualities I admire. Someone who demands excellence of himself and others, but because of that he sometimes has these emotional outbursts that can ruin his game or run. I still believe that he is the only player that can join the Gods of Melee by having a dominant peak era of strength, though he’ll have to beat Hungrybox to do it.


Plup is the fourth notable player and the most recent player to have joined the highest tier of competitive melee. He is a long time Shiek player and someone else who has the potential to become a God of Melee. His problem is similar to everyone else in the world in that he cannot beat Hungrybox consistently.


Mango was once the greatest player of all time, some still contend he is. Whatever the case, he is no longer the beast or miracle man he was in the previous years. I still think that on any given day he can be the best in the world, but not for protracted periods of time. Because of that I put him as a dark horse for EVO with a shot of getting his third EVO title.


If there was any player I’d say was Smash, I’d pick out Mew2king. He has played multiple versions of smash and has always found high levels of success. As a player, he is the first person to break down the game into data and use it to improve his own game. He is often compared to a computer because of how calculating his game looks like and how strong he can punish. Strangely, I think it is his human element that constantly holds Mew2king back. He could be the greatest Melee player ever except he is stopped by his own emotions. This hurts his consistency and there is no rhyme or reason that I know of as to why it happens. Well that and Armada was a terrible matchup for him. Either way, he is among my favorite picks to win EVO.


These are likely going to be the six big players going into Melee, but it is EVO. With so many entrants showing up and with the format how it is, EVO Melee will always have the highest chance of upsets among all of the Melee tournaments.

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