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On Dec. 27, MC announced his return to pro gaming again on twitter.


After being the Coach for Kongdoo Monster for a prolonged period of time, MC was deciding what path he wanted to do next. Either he could continue trying to live out the esports dream or finally do his required military service which would at least sideline him from doing anything else for a few years.


I’ve had time to ruminate on MC’s decision to come back to SC2 as a player, and in the end I think it’s a good move even if I have multiple reservations about his return. For instance, I don’t think MC will be a good player in this era of SC2. For me, MC’s strengths as a SC2 player were as follows: Unit micro (particularly blink stalkers and forcefields), adaptability, and championship mentality. While two of those three strengths will likely continue into this iteration of SC2, his micro strength will likely be far less potent now than it was in the past as blink stalkers and forcefields are nearly as important as they once were in the game.


On top of that, he’s been so long out of the game that it will take him some period of time to adjust. If we look at esports players in history, it’s incredibly rare for any of them to take a long hiatus like this and then come back to a good level. I don’t think MC will be close to what he once was, even if the scene is far lower in terms of raw amount of participants (especially the Korean scene).


However despite all of my reservations, I think MC should still go through with this. The time anyone has as an esports player is fleeting. No one knows how long it could last. We’ve seen this in the case of Heroes of the Storm which had the entire scene shut down. On top of that players struggle finding the balance between trying to attain their dreams and dealing with the fiscal responsibilities of reality. In the case of MC, he’s already made a good amount of money in SC2, so why not give this one more try. If there is even a small part of him that still thinks that he has a chance to still be one of the best, then he should do it as that lingering doubt could gnaw at him for years to come if he doesn’t satisfy it. So even though I don’t think MC will ever be back to a strong level, I think it’s a good idea for him to continue trying to be the best so long as he has that fire inside of him.

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