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We are all creatures trapped in the moment. Because of that, fans and the community will naturally assume that whatever it is that the top players or teams are doing now is better than whatever the top players or teams are doing in the past. This is even more likely to happen in 1v1 games as there is no team component to take into account.


However one of the complicated things to do is to try to break down the game and see what is being favored at the time. I’ll give an example from the past. In 2012, BL infestor reigned supreme in Wings of Liberty. During that time, there were a multitude of Protoss players that had success against it. For now though, I will pick the two most extreme examples: HerO and Parting.


If we were to break down the different categories of what it means to be a good player, HerO would fill out more categories than Parting. He had better multitask, a wider variety of builds, a better vision of the macro game, and a better late game. However Parting was better in two areas: All-ins and Micro.


Because of the way BL/infestor work, all of the different things that HerO was good at wasn’t nearly as effective as Parting’s Soul Train. So when we look at that particular meta, we have to say that Parting is a better player than Hero because he fulfills the win conditions that the game required of him better than HerO did.

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