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With a now 14 series (4 in Stage 2, 10 in Stage 3) win streak the Boston Uprising have had an absolutely amazing run through Stage 3 of The Overwatch League – but their victories have not always been easy, with many teams taking them to a tiebreaker map.

Stage 3 of The Overwatch League is in its final few days and while the playoffs were secured for the Boston Uprising, they’d be even happier knowing that they managed to go 10-0 through the stage. Suffering only map losses, and scares when many teams pushed them to the limit, the team were able keep their cool and secure a fantastic top-of-the-log stage 3 performance.

Their series against Los Angeles Gladiators tonight was another hard fought one with the Gladiators hunting for either a victory or a close series in hopes of securing the 4th place finish which would get them into the playoffs. But with YoungJin ‘Gamsu’ Noh going absolutely berserk with Winston, Gladiators hopes were lowered as they fell to a 3-1 loss and would now be relying on London Spitfire, Houston Outlaws and Los Angeles Valiant to keep both Outlaws and Dynasty at bay. This wasn’t even his final form, as we saw Gamsu get upwards of 133 eliminations in mid-March as Winston too – the player is definitely a legend on the hero.

The Shanghai Dragons Break Records

Tonight, at The Overwatch League we saw the Shanghai Dragons break a record, probably not one they want on their list of achievements, but it has happened.

The 2nd series of the night would see New York Excelsior going up against Shanghai Dragons – 2nd place versus last. The Dragons were facing a 0-10 season, the complete opposite of Boston and were also in the running for a 0-30 in The League since its inception. For Excelsior, the series should have been a walk-in-the-park, but the Dragons were able to take Numbani and the crowd obviously loved it – the dream of a win for Dragons was just too much to not cheer about.

But that one map wasn’t enough, even though we continue to see improvements from the Dragons, the team could not hold up against Excelsior and lost the series 3-1. The loss puts Shanghai Dragons on a 29 series loss-streak which breaks a record for the longest streak of losses in pro sporting history. The team know the Philadelphia 76ers off the top spot as they hope that they can find a win sometime in the +/-11 series remaining for them in The Overwatch League season.

Shanghai Dragons OWL

0-29 is now the new record

The Dragons have one last game in this stage before they reach the dreaded 0-30 mark, and if all else fails, Stage 4 will hopefully see more cohesion, better communication and a win or two next to their names. Players such as Gihyeon ‘Ado’ Chon, Weida ‘Diya’ Lu and of course Seyeon ‘Geguri’ Kim give the team hope in coming out all-guns-blazing and taking a victory. If their brilliance on Numbani is anything to go by, the teams losing streak will end soon – as taking a map off of the number 1 team in the overall standings is no small feat.

Seoul Dynasty start up with a no-tank-lineup

Knowing that they need to go either 3-1 or 4-0 to get closer to securing a 4th place finish in the stage and a place in the playoffs, Seoul Dynasty decide to leave a known tank player out their lineup and instead placed Je-Hong ‘ryujehong’ Ryu on a Winston. A really surprising choice from the team but it worked out amazingly as the Ana/Zenyatta player led his team to a victory on map 1. This was possibly exactly what Dynasty needed as it was the first map that they had taken off Spitfire all season. However, Spitfire fought back and tied the scores on Numbani – meaning that Dynasty would have an uphill battle ahead of them.

The next map went the way of Dynasty again but with the 4th map tying up the series, Seoul’s hopes of making the playoffs were quickly slipping away. Even though London Spitfire have a terrible record on Oasis – the tiebreaker map – they were able to easily take a 2-0 victory. That takes Seoul Dynasty out of the running for the playoffs while Gladiators and Fusion now the only 2 teams with a chance at that 4th place finish.

Later this evening we will witness the final 3 series of Stage 3 before the playoffs come to us on Sunday and Monday. Will Excelsior claim victory? Will Valiant be able to nudge out the rest? Can anyone stop Uprising? Can Dragons avoid a 0-30 record? And who will claim that final playoff spot? All these questions and more will be answered by the end of this weekend in The Overwatch League.

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