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The powers that be at Valve continue to tease the Counter-Strike community in regards to what many are assuming is a giant announcement. Many fans are expecting the Source 2 engine while others believe a new battle royale version of the game will be revealed. The original tweet drew 33,000 likes and even more engagement via retweets and replies, many from top players and figures in the scene.

Originally expected on Wednesday, December 5th, the “big reveal” was postponed via a tweet from the official Counter-Strike development team Twitter page. The development team stated Thursday would “work better,” carrying on the conversation with a “You available then?”

Now it’s Thursday and the the scene sits on the edge of their seats, many Europeans staying up late or not sleeping at all in anticipation. Could Valve just announce it? No, of course not, they have to milk it just a little bit more in CS:GO troll style.

A third tweet would be posted in the form of a poll, this time checking in with their “friends” as to whether or not today is good for them. There is, in Valve fashion, an option included for Christmas Chickens.

As of this post, 67% have chosen option one while 10% claim today is no good, and the remaining 23% chose…Christmas Chickens. We’re part of the 67%.

No matter what happens today, Valve has certainly got the attention of the esports scene and anything less than something big will be seen as a disappoint with the hype that has been created.

Make sure to stay glued to VPesports as we keep an eye on any CS:GO updates!


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