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The tradition of a new hero embracing the game at The Interntional Championships will continue at TI9 as well! A new hero was announced today, after the first game of the Evil Geniuses – Team Liquid series. The hero is called ‘Snapfire’ and will be released in Fall 2019. There was an intoduction trailer to go along with the announcement to give us an idea of the kind of hero Snapfire will be.

The trailer is the only clue about Snapfire. We can make some guesses based on what can be seen-

  • She throws a cookie towards Invoker, signalling one of her spells will be something to buff up an ally.
  • Her mount, which looks a lot like the dragon from ‘How to tame your dragon’, joined in on the action, which could be a hint the mount is involved in one of the spells, possibly something like a fireball (like the one it hurls at Timbersaw). The name is Snapfire, so that’s where the fire element comes in.
  • She took out her gun once while hitting Timbersaw and once while attacking Batrider, which could mean a spell that has something to do with her weapon, like Sniper’s assassinate.

Valve hasn’t released any details on whether Snapfire will be a Strength, Agility or Intelligence hero, but an intelligent guess would be that she is an Agility hero; an Agility carry to be more speccific. The last time Dota 2 got a carry was in the form of Moneky King, which was a long time back (TI6, three years ago was when it was announced). Since then, we’ve had two supports and two offlaners (and a mid maybe, Pangolier is versatile) but no carry. Nothing can be said till the hero is released, but the guns, fighting and dearth of a carry in the last three years hint at where this is going! Sadly, we’ll just have to wait for the badass dragon riding grandma to be released to know for sure…

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