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Sirius is one of the two Chinese teams that qualified for the last Minor of the 2018-2019. Dota Pro Circuit. Unfortunately for the Chinese Dota fans, Sirius is also the only team from the region that made it to the playoffs.

They have no DPC points under their belt, but they have one true veteran carry player to lead them on the road to TI9. The StarLadder ImbaTV Minor is  Liu “Sylar” Jiajun’s last chance to make it to a Major and ideally to The International, but the competition is strong.

First day in the playoffs opened with Sirius taking on Alliance for a slot into the finals.

Our special reporter in Kiev,Taras Bortnik spoke with Sirius’ mid laner  Li “ASD” Zhiwen to see what’s the plan for the Chinese team and how do they feel going up against one of the favorites in the tournament.


Congratulations on getting to the playoffs, how do you feel, was it as easy as it looked to win versus Mineski?

Thank you, I’m feeling great! We expected that the series go according to our plan.

What is the main factor for such a confident victory, the drafts or the decisions you guys took during the games?

In fact, in terms of level, we and Mineski are approximately equal, and the play style is very similar between us two. I think the thing that played in our favour was the fact that Mineski arrived late at the tournament and didn’t manage to recover from the trip and all. Besides that, I think that they didn’t do too well in the drafting stage.

At the beginning of the tournament you were regarded as an underdog. Do you feel that the opponents are underestimating you?

I do not think that we are greatly underestimated. We have strong players, and this is the last Minor of the season. The fact that we won the qualifiers in the Chinese region, should prove that you can’t really underestimate us.  

How did Sirius form?

We were gathered by Sylar. It just so happened that at some point we were all teamless, so we did not encounter any problems joining Sirius.

How would you describe the play style of your teammates?

Sylar and Injuly, the carry and the offlaner, are a little passive while the ones super active and aggressive are the supports.  

On June 5, you made a replacement: Inflame for Injuly. Why?

The thing is that Inflame did not fit us well, the chemistry was simply not there and he didn’t fit into our game plans and play style.

What changes have occurred with the addition of Injuly?

It has become much easier for us to execute our default strategies. In addition, we quickly found a common language within the team.

Your team was formed relatively late in the season. Do you guys only have a short-term goal, to get to TI9 or are you also thinking about the future, about the next season?

Our only goal now is to qualify for The International 2019. We don’t think about anything else.

Your upper bracket semifinals series is against Alliance. What do you think about this team?

To me personally, Alliance’s playstyle is somewhat incomprehensible. Honestly, I don’t even know all their players. I don’t think that we will somehow significantly change our play style for this particular series.


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