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There seems to be a divide in the community on a specific “feature” of the game, and to be honest it’s mostly between the casuals vs. hardcore fan base.

Many Apex Legends players are crying out at the current bunnyhopping mechanic available to be used within the game. This movement ability allows players to bounce around at a quick pace and in Apex Legends, it can be done while using healing. Mastering such a mechanic can take time and it is definitely a skill that in the current state of the game gives you a big advantage.

Being able to move at a quick pace and avoid your incoming opponent while simultaneously replenishing your shields or health is a massive boost. Typically when using shields, med kits, or syringes players are only able to move at a drastically reduced speed.

Respawn Entertainment, the games developer, have already responded to concerns and stated that this mechanic “is not intended.” No official word past this has been made though.

Top streamers who have competed in first-person shooters at the professional level take up the other side of the argument. Players such as Lucas “Mendo” Håkansson and Michael “shroud” Grzesiek desperately want bunnyhopping to remain.

Mendo at least offers a bit of a compromise, asking that it remain even if slightly adjusted to be less “broken.”

shroud shares similar thoughts and is reaching to a higher power for help. “I’m praying the devs don’t,” he said in reference to Respawn electing to remove the mechanic.

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