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The first of the semi-finals would be a best-of-three all-China brawl as Newbee went up against VGJ.Thunder – the loser being eliminated from The Bucharest Major.

Sitting a long way away from the top 3 in the DPC point rankings but still in 4th Newbee would be hoping to make their way into the grand finals and take a win at a Major – a possible first for a Chinese team. VGJ.Thunder, at their first Major had already made a fantastic showing at the event, ripping through their opponents up to this point and also looking to secure some extremely valuable DPC points for themselves.

Newbee went into the game ready to pressure their opponents constantly and they quickly pulled far ahead. Within the opening 15 minutes they had an aegis under their belt, all tier 2 towers downed and an 8K lead. However, an over-extension from Newbee saw VGJ finally make a showing in the game as they brought down 4 from their opponents lineup twice in succession. The game continued to swing back and forth with Newbee claiming a tier 3 tower in the bot lane but VGJ replying with a push down mid to take down the barracks. With that though, VGJ begun to show their power and took another lane of barracks, as the game was now theirs to lose. Newbee could not withstand the power of the VGJ’s lineup and called GG only a few moments later.

Newbee went into game two needing a win to stay in the tournament and they came out fighting again – taking the early lead with a lot of pressure. Newbee did not let up on their pressure as they continually found kills – wiping their opponents off the map just after they seemed to be making a comeback. But VGJ did not let the game get too far away from them, finding their own pick offs and towers where possible. And their persistence paid off as they found the perfect fight to wipe Newbee from the map, which secured them the mid lane barracks.

With their advantage VGJ went straight for the end and secured victory in a magnificent turn around victory over Newbee.

The first finalist for The Bucharest Major would be VGJ.Thunder and their opponents would be determined next as Team Liquid went up against Newbee would be eliminated from the tournament but would still claim 150 Dota 2 DPC points as they end in 3rd/4th place.


Interviews from the Bucharest Major

PPD: – Hopefully we can make our fans proud at this Major”
KINGRD & Tavo: – “It’s challenging and more fun to play against the best teams first”
Ohaiyo: – “It wouldn’t be wrong to say Eternal Envy was behind my termination from Fnatic”
Yao: – “We are definitely prepared to fight”
Kyle:  – “We are pretty good at Dota, we just need to actually prove it once in a while”
Faith  – “Opponents Begun to ban Naga Siren – so we had to revert to older drafts”
KuroKy: – “I actually think that all heroes should be in Captain’s Mode”

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