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The penultimate day at ESL One Birmingham would see 2 semi-final series, the first already completed and now the second would be upon us as Fnatic went up against OpTic Gaming – the winner moving on to face in the grand finals tomorrow.

Currently in 11th and 14th both Fnatic and OpTic respectively would be fighting for a guaranteed top 2 spot at the 2nd last Major of the DPC. This would also be the final chance for both teams to make their way into the top 8 of the rankings as neither of them would be at the China Supermajor in the coming week. Both teams had fought valiantly to find their way into the semi-finals – but Fnatic had a few more games as OpTic moved straight from the Group Stages into the semi-finals. Only one would go through to face VP tomorrow to fight for the ELS One Birmingham trophy while the other would face paiN Gaming in the 3rd/4th place playoff.

OpTic Gaming versus Fnatic

A fantastic start from OpTic would see them play extremely fast, objective based gaming – taking down all the tier 2 towers in just 16 minutes, while Fnatic were unable to find any openings to take anything around the map. Fnatic though begun to find some pick offs which kept the game close – but without any towers taken, their lineup was suffering. Things would go from bad to worse for Fnatic as the game progressed and their only hope was to ensure Abed ‘Abed’ Azel Yusop on the Phantom Lancer could get enough farm to turn the game around. But it wasn’t to be as OpTiC easily claimed 2 full lanes of barracks before they ran through Fnatic once more and GG was called.

After the massacre of the first game, Fnatic would be hoping to turn things around and right off the bat the game already seemed much better for the SEA squad as they found great early farm and kills. This time it was Fnatic who did not allow their North American opponents any space around the map, controlling all the lanes, while Abed’s Kunkka had a completed Daedalus and Armlet by little over 20 minutes. Fnatic were ready to tie the series by 26 minutes as they ripped through their lineup and secured the mid lane barracks off the back of that. Moments later GG was called and OpTic were only able to secure a single kill in the entire game as we looked to a final decisive game for the series.

The deciding game would see another amazing start from Fnatic as they found a bunch of early game kills, but this time it was not completely one-sided as OpTic were once again creating map pressure by removing nearly all the outer towers by 16 minutes. After taking an uncontested aegis, OpTic begun to pull ahead thanks to the insane damage output from Neta ‘33’ Shapira’s Lycan and Quinn ‘CC&C’ Callahan’s Razor. Fnatic played well to find some good pickoffs to keep themselves in the game and things moved to a frantic dance around the Roshan pit as Fnatic attempted to defend it.

It was not enough though, as OpTic found a great fight before claiming mega creeps before the GG was called a few moments later, giving OpTic Gaming an amazing victory. With that OpTic secure a spot in the grand finals at ESL One Birmingham 2018 – unfortunately for Fnatic they would not reach the top 8 of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit but would have a consolation series for 3rd/4th place with paiN Gaming.

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