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ESL One Los Angeles Online had been producing some amazing Southeast Asia Dota 2 series and for today’s matchup we would see Fnatic taking on Team Adroit, as the group stages were getting close to their end.

While Adroit managed an easy 2-0 victory over Geek Fam in the opening series for SEA at ESL One LA Online, Fnatic would be a much tougher opponent, especially with the latter having lost their opening series to BOOM Esports. With only one more day of games remaining in the group stage after today, the teams would be trying their best to avoid elimination or claim the direct pass into the grand finals of playoffs.

Although Adroit seemed to be in a good place for most of game one, remaining barely behind Fnatic for most of the early period, it took one teamfight for everything to go wrong. With Daryl Koh ‘iceiceice’ Pei Xiang on an almost unkillable Timbersaw, Fnatic managed to easily claim the first game of the series. It seemed as though the series would be quickly over for Adroit as Fnatic never allowed John Anthony ‘Natsumi’ Vargas to get any sort of farm in the early game. However, the player managed to get back into the game, thanks in part to some major mistakes from Fnatic – tying the series at 1-1, with a game three on the way.

While Fnatic needed a victory to boost their hopes of making it into playoffs and avoiding elimination, things definitely did not go their way. Adroit managed to control the final game almost perfectly, although they did slip up at times, but it was more than enough to take the 2-1 win and claim the top spot in the group for the time being.

Tomorrow the SEA region returns to action at the ESL One Los Angeles Online event with two series to close out the group stage, starting with Fnatic taking on Geek Fam followed by BOOM versus Adroit – the final series determining which team will head straight into the Grand Finals.

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