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Whatever successes Natus Vincere have achieved in recent history would be impossible without Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. 2018’s best CS:GO player in the world has been carrying the NaVi five through tough tournaments, gigantic opponents and series upon series of his teammates underperforming — or at least playing far below his level.

s1mple’s latest pop-off was during StarSeries i-League Season 7, and what a tournament it was for the 21-year-old star. A 1.42 average rating for the event with peaks as high as 1.91 during the best-of-3 against Renegades. 1.61 KD ratio at +166 difference. SLi 7 was yet another tournament where the Ukrainian is the scariest man you can face on the server.

And now, the frag and highlight movies of s1mple on his way through SLi 7 championship perfectly encapsulate the greatness of the youngster. With one monstrous performance after another, one has to ask — is s1mple the GOAT of CS:GO already?

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