No matches

Sometimes, results make no sense in the LPL. Like LGD’s win over Invictus Gaming in week 4, for example. How can a bottom-table team defeat the world champions without dropping a map?

Fans were asking the same thing today, as Rogue Warriors, ranked #15 before today, defeated perhaps the best team of 2018, Royal Never Give Up?

The series was supposed to be almost a pro forma. Rogue Warriors had only beaten two teams so far: LGD Gaming, the #16 seed, and a bleeding Suning. This wasn’t going to be one such easy series. Rogue Warriors were going straight into RNG’s own arena, ready to face the impeccable Uzi and Xiaohu. And how could a rookie like ZWuJi stand against the best ADC in the world?

Turns out, pretty well. The rookie stole the show in a game which featured some of the brightest talents in the region and put them all to shame. A highlight of the series saw ZWuJi steal a baron with Ezreal ultimate right underneath Karsa’s note, while RNG’s jungler even had smite.

Both Karsa and AmazingJ did not seem in good mental state this game. Even though RW allowed AmazingJ to pick his favourite Poppy both games, RNG’s top laner was rarely any use to his team. Karsa had a good start to game 1, but by the end, once RW started overpowering RNG in team-fights, his drop off was immense.

The loss means RNG once again lose sight of the top 2 rank and might even fall further by the end of the week. On Sunday, RNG play Bilibili Gaming, who’ve won five of the last six games.

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