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Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok is the latest addition to His transfer to the CIS team took everyone by surprise, especially that Reso was just confirmed to stay with J.Storm a couple of days prior to his departure from the team.

Along with returning to the CIS region, Resolut1on will also make a role change to fit into the line-up. He will head to the offlane, while the carry position is taken by a newcomer to the pro scene, namely Egor “epileptick1d” Grigorenko. With little under one week before the regional qualifiers for the first Major and Minor of the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit, and with Virtus. pro yet to announced their fifth player, Resolut1on packed everything and flew from New York to Moscow this weekend, so he can start to train with his new team as fast as possible.’s General Manager Roman Dvoryankin and the team media manager went to the airport to welcome Resolut1on and to give the fans a few insights into how and why the transfer happened so late into the shuffle.

“I was in the airport in Los Angeles when my phone started to ring in a specific way, like it does when I’m getting a call from multiple people at the same time. Alexey Berezin (Solo) was among these people and he told me: “I have an idea!” said mister Roman Dvoryankin in a video for VP, while he was waiting for Resolut1on’s plane to land. “The deal with Alexey is that sometimes it’s pretty hard to tell whether he’s serious or he is just making some ironic small talk,” Dvoryankin added as he continued the story of how Solo called him during his vacation time to tell him that he wants to bring Reso to the team.

At that time, J.Storm were playing with Resolut1on in two active tournaments, Midas Mode 2.0 and Reshuffle Madness and they also had matches scheduled in the ESL One Hamburg qualifiers. Because of that, the discussion with J.Storm were expedited and the negotiations went “quickly,” said VP’s General manager who expressed his happiness of having Reso joining the bears.

As soon as he passed the checkout gates at the airport, Resolut1on was up for a short interview and talked about how he put his American dream aside to fulfil one of his biggest career wishes: to play with Virtus. pro. Asked about who approached him, Resolut1on explained that, in fact, it was him who went first to the VP boys and told them that he “would really, really like to play with them” in the new season.

However, after Solo answered him and said that he will think about it with Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko, nobody contacted Reso for a while, he explained. “I was like, eh still worth a shot even if they didn’t take me in,” Roman explained his feelings about the whole situation as he went to bootcamp with J.Storm in New York. “I was playing with the guys and all was going ok when suddenly, in the middle of a practice game I get a call from Solo and No[o]ne who said “well, Roman, let’s go!”

Asked about how he left J.Storm, how the team reacted, Reso admitted it was an emotional departure, “with tears,” he said. “I felt really bad about leaving the guys like that, two days before the qualifiers (ESL One Hamburg). But, of course, when you are given such a chance, you should seize that opportunity with everything you’ve got,” he added.

Regarding the American dream that he was enjoying for the past two years, Resolut1on said that he left New York “with no looking back. I just walked away and closed the door, that’s all. A new chapter of my life begins,” he explained as he is now looking forward to become the best offlaner and the best teammate he can possibly be for

The entire video can be watched below with English subtitles. will start the new season on the 5th of October when the MDL Chengdu Major and the Dota Summit 11 Minor qualifiers will commence.

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