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Last week in Hamburg we talked with Forward Gaming’s carry Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok who for the past two years has left the CIS region to play in NA. He is now entering the new season with a new organization, one that it was rumored to have offered something unbeatable by any other organization that wished to sign the TI8 VGJ.Storm line-up. So, we took the opportunity and asked Resolut1on what was that offer all about, but we also touched his projects from back home, in Kiev.

Hello Roman, and thanks for taking the time for this interview. I’d like to start by asking a few things about your personal life, because I know you have some plans. So, first thing, please tell me about your plans on opening a restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine.

That’s actually one of my dreams. Yes, I want to open a restaurant or even a chain of restaurants in Kiev and I already found the people who could help me with that and maybe by the end of 2019 I can make this dream happen.

Tell me more about it, did you decide what kind of restaurants you want: seafood only, Chinese, Thai or Ukrainian traditional cuisine, things like that.

I kind of want to make it for the gamers. A place where you can go with your friends, chill, and watch some games because the Ukrainian community is growing and I think they need a place like that.

I heard that this year you finally used some of the TI6 money and bought yourself an apartment, also in Kiev.

Yeah, that’s pretty much my first big investment after TI6. I did it only now because I didn’t really have time for this. Like, I didn’t really have time to even do a basic research before now. So, when the season was over this year I took some time, came home and found a good deal and I bought it. I must say that I’m pretty happy about it because it feels like this is like the next step for me on a personal level. Right now I’m working with a home designer because I want to make sure that at the end of the project this apartment will be exactly as I want it to be.

That’s pretty interesting because you keep playing in NA or with non-CIS teams, but you build a life back at home, in Ukraine. I’m sure you had offers in the post-TI8 shuffle to come back to CIS, why didn’t you choose one of those?

I really like the team we built in NA, so I wanted to stay with them even though I had other options. I’m feeling very good with this team, it’s fun to play with them, I truly like them, so I’m just enjoying my life while we take things very seriously as well. But to be honest, I’d rather play with a team I feel good with and work harder if we need to than staying with some team where I would probably reach my career goals but I would have no joy, no satisfaction. Let’s say I chose to have a nice road, one that I enjoy towards my goals.

During the shuffle, when OpTic Gaming announced that they won’t sign another Dota 2 team, they also said that they talked to you, the former VGJ.Storm players, but you already had an offer that no other organization could beat. So, what did Forward Gaming put on the table, what did they offer you guys that was so unbeatable?

I’m not even sure if money wise this one was that better as people might have understood from that statement, but basically what we wanted, and what we asked for, was to remain on the East Coast so we can have access to the European pubs and European teams to scrim with. For any team playing from NA this is a big advantage. OpTic offered us a team house, a boot camp facility in Texas while Forward gave us a house in New York. That’s all.

What’s the ping difference Texas-Europe servers and New York-Europe?

From Texas we would be playing with minimum 150 ping, sometimes even higher, from New York we have like 80 to 90 tops, depending on the server, EU East/EU West and that’s actually very good. I mean even from Russia to European servers you sometimes get more than that.

And now moving onto a harder question for you perhaps, why did you guys let Sneyking go in the shuffle?

We had different views on the game, on how should the teamwork and we all agreed that Universe would be a better fit for us. Sneyking is also a very emotional person, while Universe is not like that and he is one of the most stable offlaners you can possibly get.

As always, it’s been a pleasure to talk to you. I wish you and Forward Gaming best of luck at the Kuala Lumpur Major and can’t wait to see your first gaming pub open!


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