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Dota Underlords open beta is expected to be released sometime this week, but before the game becomes available to everyone, Valve is pushing a series of updates in the preview test available for TI9 Battle Pass owners and their friends.

Dota Underlords is Valve’s standalone version of the Dota Auto Chess mode created in the Steam workshop by Drodo Studio. It was released last week, but only as a preview feature in The International 2019 Battle Pass. The early testing phase is continuously being updated, mostly based on user’s feedback and the developer team is relentless in keeping up to date with fans’ requests and suggestions.

When was initially launched, the game featured no tutorial, but the players could practice and learn on the fly how to play the game in either practice games versus bots or in direct fights with other players. In their latest update from June 20, Valve activated the tutorial mode, which allows the users to learn the very basic mechanics of the game. Hero placement on the map, basic economy (buy and sell heroes), Alliances buffs and items usage are explained during the gameplay.

For those who got a faster grip on the game, Vale has implemented ranked matchmaking today, however, the ranks will reset once the open beta goes live. For now, there are eight rank medals to conquer.

From the lower to the highest rank, the medals are as follows:








Big Boss

Dota Underlords Rank Medals

Full patch log:

·         Enabled Ranked Play: We are enabling this today for a final round of testing. Once Open Beta starts all ranks will be reset.

·         Bot games: Fixed manual advance mode during non-Loot rounds.

·         Unit outlines can now be turned back on via settings.

·         Fixed end game screen not displaying total damage dealt.

·         Fixed Round 1 not playing correctly on the client after you’ve played a bot match.

·         Fixed Windranger and Keeper of the Light interrupting their abilities if their target died.

·         Fixed Venomancer’s Ward growing legs and walking towards a friendly aura.

·         Slightly smaller item icons during prepare phase on PC, with rank above item icons in case they overlap.

·         Fixed selecting units from the bench not working reliably if you changed the default camera angle.

·         Healthbars are now consistently sized across all resolutions.

·         Notifications for Winning Streaks now have FX.

·         Fixed AI pathfinding issues when traveling towards a friendly aura.

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