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Following the recent dramatic development of the Elephant.4AM roster, Bai “rOtK” Fan announced a short break in his coaching career. However, last night he revealed that he was contacted by the former CEO and was offered an opportunity to switch regions.

During a streaming session from this past Sunday evening, rOtK revealed a full conversation that he had with Roman Dvoryankin, former CEO, who this time around contacted him “on behalf of a group of a group of players” who are starting a new CIS team.


rOtK leaked the incomplete line-up of this new team, as mister Dvoryankin gave him as many details as possible about the roster while asking him to think of a possible collaboration. According to the chat history shown on stream, the new team already has four players and features both Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev on it.

Ramzes would return to the carry position while SumaiL would come back to his mid lane role.’s Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko is also co-opted in this new project, but according to Roman Dvoryankin he will be making a role change and after he played for his entire career in the mid lane, he will be switching to the offlane. The team seems to lack a position 4 player for now, but the support 5 role is taken by Alexey “Solo” Berezin


rOtk was told that the new team hasn’t decided yet with which organization they will sign, but most likely they will be based in Ukraine where Roman Dvoryankin, assured him that they will do all efforts to accommodate him properly, so he would feel comfortable in terms of food and such.

VP’s former CEO also mentioned that the team won’t start playing until December or even January 2021 and asked rOtK to take his time to think about it before giving him an answer.


While rOtK has initially politely declined the offer, stating that after all that happened to him in the last month he feels mentally exhausted, he didn’t disclose to his stream viewers if that’s his final decision.

Russian outlet reached out to Roman Dvoryankin to confirm the authenticity of the chat history between him and rOtK and were told that indeed the conversation took place “a couple of days ago.” Roman Dvoryankin also mentioned for Cybersport that rOtK apologized to him for showing the chat on his stream and added that he has nothing further to comment regarding the team’s future plans.


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