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Yesterday, several PUBG players known in the professional scene were banned by Battleye, PUBG anti-cheat which is used in concert with Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system.

The anti-cheat is known for many false bans when updates release, things that also happened in the past in ARMA. But this time, it’s not false at all as players are confessing that they used a radar-hack.

Former Millenium players from the french scene today playing under the tag Sans Domicile Fixe (SDF) are now caught in the storm while two of them were banned yesterday. Kevin “Sezk0” Guerra and Aurelien “Houlow” Delelis are banned and their teammates Nicolas “THZ” Debytere and Vincent “Fr_Steph” Fayon admitted and confessed being aware of the situation.

Fr_Steph explained in a statement today that the team used the radar-hack during the PUBG Europe League online closed qualifier where they qualified for the lan finals held last week in Minsk, Belarus. They showed a decent level, ending top 13 out of 32, missing the qualifying spots for the €1,000,000 PEL phase 1 lan finals for 3 places.

While streaming today, Sezko and THZ also confirmed that the team used online cheats and that they should probably all retire from competitive PUBG. According to our information, SDF was close to sign for the French organization Gamers Origin before the scandal began.

More information about should come about the cheating cases really soon as some other players like Can “TEXQS” Ozdemir from Pittsburgh Knights, Alexander “S1D” Sidorov from Red Diamonds, Hoffman88 from Cophenagen Flames and more players seems to be involved in that ban wave.

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