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Patch 9.10 has come, bringing a slew of changes to League of Legends, including a new champion and multiple adjustments, buffs and nerfs to champions, items, and runes.

With Patch 9.10 we welcome Yuumi, the newest LoL champion. We see nerfs to Riven and Vayne, as well as the very strong Conqueror rune.

Full patch notes are available here. Below, we give you the abridged version, focusing on the biggest changes to come with the patch.


Yuumi: Introduced

Patch 9.10 introduced Yuumi, the magical cat: the newest League of Legends support. Yuumi’s playstyle involves attaching and detaching from allied champions to buff and heal them, making for a very dynamic in-and-out gameplay.

Master Yi: Nerfed for average play

TL;DR: Q cast time removed, adjusted target scanning. W cast time removed. E no longer grants AD while not on cooldown. R movement speed increased and adjusted.

Q — Alpha Strike

  • Cast time removed
  • NEW: Beta Strike — If Master Yi has struck fewer than the maximum amount of times he can with Alpha Strike and there are no other nearby eligible targets, he will now strike the same target for 25% of the damage before checking for nearby targets again

W — Meditate: Cast time removed
E — Wuju Style: No longer grants 10% attack damage while not on cooldown

R — Highlander

  • Movement speed adjusted from 25/35/45% total movement speed to 35/45/55% bonus movement speed

Riven: E nerfed

TL;DR: up-time defense of E spam nerfed to not be as frustrating

Q — Broken Wings

  • Cooldown now scales
  • 13 seconds on all ranks to 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds

E — Valor

  • Cooldown nerfed from 10/9/8/7/6 seconds to 14/13/12/11/10 seconds

Vayne: R nerfed

TL;DR: R nerfed because it’s “especially frustrating because of how often she goes invisible”, will tone down level 6 spike.

R — Final Hour

  • Tumble cooldown reduction now scales
  • 50% at all ranks to 30/40/50%


Guinsoo’s Rageblade: Phantom Hit nerfed

TL;DR: Too much power given to champions who synergize well with Phantom Hits.

  • Phantom Hit frequency nerfed: Every 2 attacks to Every 3 attacks
  • Armor penetration buffed: 6% (+0.5% per level, 15% max) to 15% flat
  • Magic penetration buffed: 6% (+0.5% per level, 15% max) to 15% flat


Conqueror: Nerfed

  • At full stacks, 10% 8% of the damage dealt against champions is converted to true damage and healing

Battle Academia skins

TL;DR: You can go full anime now.

  • Battle Academia Ezreal
  • Battle Academia Lux
  • Battle Academia Jayce
  • Battle Academia Katarina
  • Battle Professor Graves
  • Battle Principal Yuumi
  • Battle Academia Lux Prestige Editions
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