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Image: Wykrhm Reddy

The new patch, 7.22 (well, actually 7.22b) was tested at ESL One Birmingham and it is the same patch on which the nest and final set of Minor and Major will be played. IceFrog and Valve took some feedback from ESL One Birmingham and bestowed upon us patch 7.22c. The patch does not have any big changes as such, even though there are a lot of small ones for balancing heroes. The complete set of changes can be read here.

We will go through a list of heroes that could end up as possible winners or losers because of patch 7.22c. Even though there weren’t any major changes, small changes in Dota 2 can have a big impact.


(1) Axe
(2) Chaos Knight
(3) Clinkz
(4) Dazzle
(5) Dragon Knight
(6) Faceless Void
(7) Huskar
(8) Lich
(9) Phantom Lancer
(10) Skywrath Mage
(11) Timbersaw
(12) Tinker
(13) Weaver


(1) Batrider
(2) Chen
(3) Dark Seer
(4) Nyx Assassin
(5) Sand King
(6) Sven
(7) Warlock

The ones mentioned above will be affected the most by the changes. Ring of Bacilius was the only one to be changed, with the bonus attack being increased from +7 to +8. One or two more buffs to it, and it could just get the Aquila status of being purchased by nearly every hero. StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 starts on the 12th of June, which is when we’ll have a better grasp of what the pros are making of 7.22 as a whole.

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