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Among the different teams I’ve watched in Korea Contenders, Gen.G has piqued my interest the most. It seems like they are pretty much all-in on playing around Stalk3r and Agnes. The two of them are using somewhat off meta picks as their preferred go-to, stalk3r on Pharah and Agnes on McCree/Sombra.


Of course it’s still a bit early to say how exactly this team wants to play as it was formed together at the beginning of November. From what I’ve observed through their two games against KDP and Element Mystic, this the team most invested in either beating the GOATS comp with a non GOATS comp.


They ran it fairly close against KDP, though they did use a lot of MOATS. As for their Element Mystic matchup, they got completely rolled over. Between all of those maps though, they used a myriad of different comps that were built around the favorites of their star players: Genji, Pharah, Widow, McCree, and Ana.


I’m curious as to the reasoning as to why that’s the case so far. Are they unable to play GOATS at a competitive enough level against the other Contender teams or is it because this is their preferred playstyle. Whatever the case, moving forward into this season, the story of Gen.G will be to see if they can somehow beat the GOAT or if they will eventually be forced to bend their knees to it and try to play it themselves.

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