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One of the most interesting things in the Korean Contenders playoffs is Element Mystic’s decision to continue to use their Doomfist composition. For those who don’t know it’s:









It’s an interesting move because we’re in a GOATS dominant meta and every other team uses GOATS as their primary strategy on nearly all of the maps. In the case of Element Mystic though, they’ve stuck with this comp for now and strategically speaking it makes a lot of sense.


If we assume that Element Mystic’s goal is to be the winners of Contenders, then there are likely two scenarios that they considered. They can either use this Doomfist comp or they can use GOATS. The problem I see with using GOATs is that they will have to eventually play a GOATs vs GOATs matchup and when I look at the various teams assembled, I don’t think they have particularly good chances. Kaiser looked pretty good in the quarterfinals and if that continues, I’d say there is a gap between him and whatever main tank Element Mystic decided to use. Even if they were able to winout the semifinals with the GOATs (which is possible), they’d then likely run into Runaway, which I consider to be a far superior GOATs team compared to the rest of the field. No matter how good they could eventually become, they’d only have inferior strengths to Runaway in a straight mirror matchup.


The other scenario with the Doomfist comp is that they either get so good that they can beat GOATs consistently or they lose out. Critically though, the composition has different strengths from the typical GOATs composition and while likely inferior, it gives them a different type of strength that is fixated on Sp9rk1e as an individual player. Thus it feels like if they go down the GOATs route, they may be able to play close, but will inevitably lose. However if they play the Doomfist style they can either get thrashed or potentially win off of a completely different strength. As that’s the case, it makes sense for Element Mystic to ride or die on Doomfist.

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