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Seven of the eight Overwatch League expansion teams have announced their respective brandings up to this point: Atlanta Reign, Toronto Defiant, Paris Eternal, Guangzhou Charge, Chengdu Hunters, Hangzhou Spark, and the Toronto Titans. Today, Washington D.C.’s newest Overwatch League team announced its name as the justice, clad in American red, white, and blue.

D.C. have elected to use Symmetra and Soldier: 76 as mascots for their Overwatch League announcement. As a team representing the American nation’s capital, red, white, and blue was a no-brainer. The colors are not as unique as the Hangzhou Spark’s or Chengdu Hunters’, but they serve the team right. The Justice also feature a shield as their logo, guarding American freedom, with American hero Soldier:76’s face sneaked into the logo.

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