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Stage 3 of the Overwatch League has entered its final week and it has been a wild rollercoaster for the 12 teams, with new contenders making their way into the top 4 of the stage, including the Green and Gold – Los Angeles Valiant.

Last night saw the San Francisco Shock making an absolutely beautiful last-ditch effort to make their way into the stage 3 playoffs. With Andreas ‘Nevix’ Karlsson being almost unkillable through their series against Florida Mayhem, the Shock claimed a solid 4-0 series victory without too much contention. This left the team in a great place but their playoff dreams would rest on the shoulders of the team which they suffered a 4-0 loss to earlier in the stage – the Valiant would just require 1 map victory to edge out Shock.

The Los Angeles Valiant were making brilliant moves in Stage 3 of the Overwatch League, pulling out some great victories but also suffering some miserable defeats, which left them requiring a win over the team dominating the stage, Boston Uprising, to advance into the playoffs. Things started off in a very bleak manner for the Valiant and while they made a great hold on defense of Temple of Anubis, their attack was met by the stern defense of Uprising – meaning the map was lost. Blizzard World was even worse for them as they were unable to push a single objective on their attack – after their opponents had pushed the payload all the way to the end with Lucas ‘NoTe’ Meissner pulling out a 4-man D.Va self-destruct on the final push.

Going into half-time, the Valiant had to re-think their strategies and pull out all the stops – and they did. Coming out looking completely refreshed the Valiant got their map win on Nepal and followed it up with another on Route 66 – before the tiebreaker map, Oasis, saw the victory doors shut on them. But it wasn’t all terrible for the team as their brilliant comeback had secured them a spot in the top 4 and thus a spot in Stage 3’s playoffs this weekend.

The final series of the night would see the much-loved New York Excelsior taking on one of the teams struggling at the bottom of the table, Dallas Fuel. Even with massive names on the team, the Fuel have been unable to find their footing again after the issues that marred them in Stage 2 – with only a single victory which was over the Shanghai Dragons, the Fuel did not stand a chance against the 2nd place team. Without many problems Excelsior raced to a 4-0 victory, swapping between Do-Hyeon ‘Pine’ Kim and Hae-Seong ‘Libero’ Kim on alternative maps for their dps. After their victory we got to witness the stalwart, Jong-Ryeol ‘Saeyeolbe’ Park being as humble as ever in an AMA, giving love to all his fans and those who support the team and assuring them that it could not be done without us.

The action of Stage 3 continues today with nearly everything now set in stone for the Finals with Boston Uprising, Excelsior and Valant securing 3 of the 4 places. The final spot will be hotly contested but requires Seoul Dynasty to win almost flawlessly to secure 4th place, while it is much more likely that the Los Angeles Gladiators will claim the last spot. Philadelphia Fusion are still close in the running too, but once more, their chances rely heavily on other teams and it will be interesting to see who claims that 4th place finish.

The Shanghai Dragons will play their penultimate series of the stage tonight, going up against New York Excelsior, with the Dragons looking assured a 0-29 record unless they are suddenly able to find better cohesion than Excelsior. Maybe we’ll see able to ride the road to victory in their final series against London Spitfire… we can only hope that the struggling team are able to pull one out the bag and use the massive support to take a win somewhere down the line.

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