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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

It pretty obvious at this point that the Houston Outlaws Tracer players don’t measure up to the best Tracers in the League. I think that point is inarguable (though I’d be curious if someone could argue that Jake or clock are as good as the top 3-5 tracers in the league). That isn’t the point of this blog, nor am I going to break down the disparity between the tracers. (When sideshow isn’t living in a tree house, he has enough time to explain why that’s the case here.) The point I’m going to make is this.

What is the downside of getting a better tracer? If you get a better tracer you can play new styles, get a better performance, create a new threat on your team, and give someone else for teams to think about.

What is the worst case scenario here? The new tracer doesn’t work out and you go back to the old roster. You also waste some money getting the player.

Then ask the question, what is the goal of the team? To win OWL. As it stands, that is a point where the team could be improved, so it’s probably worth a try as far as I can tell.

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