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The Overwatch League is now in its final stage prior to the playoffs and finals – and this stage has a few unusual contenders making their way into the running for the top 4 spot, including Dallas Fuel.

Week 1 of Stage 4 saw Dallas Fuel beating Shanghai Dragons and losing to the LA Gladiators – which seemed a fairly normal week for most. The new meta with Brigitte was still being figured out and not much seemed to go differently in the first week, except a tank-heavy meta being seen – while the dive composition seemed to fall away a little. But then came week 2 for the Dallas Fuel where they opened strong, taking down Boston Uprising who were looking less-than-perfect in Stage 4 after their unbeaten run through Stage 3 (up until the semi-finals that is). The Fuel then went on to beat Philadelphia Fusion too – already seeing them tie their best stage score so far in the Overwatch League season. So, what has seen this resurgence from the Fuel?

The new meta breaking out with Brigitte now in the mix seems to be extremely favourable to Dallas Fuel, with anti-dive along with Zarya being played a lot, the team seemed to have finally found their perfect meta while teams such as Uprisings are finding it tough to get a grasp on the changes. Another big thing we’re seeing a lot of with Fuel is Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen and Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned coming into their own on dps rolls. With Hanzo seeing a lot of time from teams, Reaper making appearances and Fuel utilizing McCree more than nearly every other team, they are definitely looking like the team we all expected at the start of the Overwatch League Season.

The other team making their name in this stage was the LA Valiant who were yet unbeaten in the opening 2 weeks of this final stage. The Valiant started their resurgence during Stage 3 and now were seemingly ready to challenge the top spots – but with New York Excelsior still way out in front, it didn’t mean too much in the overall standings.

The other surprise was at the other end of the standings, with Seoul Dynasty being unable to find a single victory this far. The team seemed destined to find their way into the top 4 at the end of the Stage but as the stage goes on, they look a little lost even though they may have faced only the toughest of opponents at this time. However, their poor performances see them dropping further and further down the leaderboard, heading dangerously close to the bottom, occupied by the likes of Florida Mayhem and the Dragons.

But, we’re only 2 weeks in and a lot can change in the final 3 weeks of Stage 4. Teams seem to be getting used to the meta slowly and finding niche and comfort picks for each situation, be it counter-dive or tank, the rest of this stage is definitely going to be an interesting one, albeit only from a “mid-group” view-point, as NYXL hold strong way out in front – with no contenders anywhere close.

image credit: Overwatch League

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