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Many of us in the “older” PC gaming generation grew up with Real-Time Strategy games such as StarCraft sucking us in for hours on end as we fell into the engulfing storyline and now, 20 years have passed.

20 years ago, come the end of March, Starcraft was released and many of us were thrown into the lives of the Protoss, Terran and Zerg. We all know that Blizzard enjoy celebrating the anniversaries of their games by giving us special items, achievements and Easter-Eggs in their other games and StarCraft’s 20th anniversary will be the same. Each Blizzard game will receive something, while some in-game rewards may be deemed better than others, it’s still amazing that Blizzard care so much that they give us these rewards. Last year at Blizzcon those without StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty were treated to a brief period where they could claim the game free while  they also announced that StarCraft Remastered was coming soon – and it did.
The rewards in each Blizzard game – which will go live on March 6th 2018, are as follows:

Starcraft: Logging into StarCraft: Remastered after March 6th will secure you a commemorative 20th Anniversary UI Skin.

StarCraft II: Logging into StarCraft II after March 6th will net you a special UI Skin for each of the races. Additionally, logging in between the starting date and April 3rd will also secure a Portrait and Decal for yourself.

Diablo III: For the Diablo fans, those logging in after March 6th will receive a new pet, which is in the theme of the Battlecruiser and named “Dominion’s Revenge”.

Overwatch: Overwatch and StarCraft fans will rejoice as Sarah Kerrigan comes to Overwatch in the form of a new skin for Widowmaker – Sarah Kerrigan Ghost Skin.

World of Warcraft: World of Warcraft players may be a bit upset at the moment as the only things they receive currently is a Feat of Strength. However, it is still possible that Blizzard will give them more… soon™.

Heroes of the Storm: HotS players also get something, in the form of commemorative 20th Anniversary portraits representing the Protoss, Terran and Zerg – just for logging between March 27th and April 7th 2018.

Hearthstone: Finally, Hearthstone players can warm themselves by the Innkeeper’s fire with 3 free Kobolds & Catacombs packs for logging in between Match 21st and 25th to play StarCraft themed Tavern Brawl.

Apart from this there will also be a special video feature released on March 31st entitled “StarCraft is Life: A Celebration”, which will showcase some of the game’s biggest fans looking back on their favourite and best memories of the game from the last 20 years. Blizzard have also organized an Anniversary Stream which will go live on March 30th on and will feature some of the most well-known StarCraft personalities.

Check out this teaser from the Blizzard StarCraft team – which is a bit of a tear-jerker if you’ve been a part of the game for many years.

images courtesy of Wowhead Twitter

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