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Week one of the Overwatch League has come and gone and if the viewership numbers have anything to say, the league is on its way to sustainability.

During the Seoul Dynasty vs Dallas Fuel match, viewership peaked at just over 440,000 Twitch consumers when adding the French and Korean stream numbers. Overall it was a success and it will be interesting to see how the week two numbers pan out. Let’s get to the fun part.

Biggest Surprises of Week 1

Shock Getting Obliterated by the Valiant

There were quite a few surprises this past week with the biggest probably being the absolute beat-down the San Francisco Shock received at the hands of the Los Angeles Valiant. The Valiant won 4-0, taking the match and the almost meaningless fourth map.

There were not a whole lot of people expecting the Shock to get run over this way in terms of map wins and losses. However, if you take a closer look at the numbers the margin of loss was minuscule.

Maps one and four (Dorado and Numbani) were won by the Valiant 75.63m to 75.62m and 75.56m to to 75.55, respectively.

Kang-jae “envy” Lee was dominant as D.Va with a K/D of 52/22, good for a +30 and a Winston’s Lab player rating of 1336.

Nikola “sleepy” Andrews looked completely out of sync in his first ever official match in the Overwatch League playing five different heroes to the tune of a -28 K/D only playing Mercy for a bit.

Jake’s Was a Little Off

Jacob “JAKE” Lyon is one of the most feared players according to many opponents. However his first two matches as a member of the Houston Outlaws were forgettable.

In the first ever OWL match against the Philadelphia Fusion, JAKE had a positive K/D of +10, but his Winston’s Lab rating of 844 tells us a different story.

The Houston Outlaws went 0-2 for the weekend.

Blizzard’s Media Access

Not sure if you guys out there care much about this, although you should, Blizzard came through big time having post match press conferences with both the winning and losing teams. This reminded me of how the NCAA has their press conferences where they give the players a cool down period and then they go and meet with the media for 10 to 15 minutes.

These conferences allowed the press to create content for the fans, asking questions and getting insightful answers that normally wouldn’t happen. Blizzard did it right.

The disappointing thing, though, is that this will be the only week you get that type of content.

Week One Standings
  1. Los Angeles Valiant (2-0)
  2. London Spitfire (2-0)
  3. Seoul Dynasty (2-0)
  4. New York Excelsior (2-0)
  5. Boston Uprising (1-1)
  6. Los Angeles Gladiators (1-1)
  7. San Francisco Shock (1-1)
  8. Philadelphia Fusion (1-1)
  9. Houston Outlaws (0-2)
  10. Dallas Fuel (0-2)
  11. Florida Mayhem (0-2)
  12. Shanghai Dragons (0-2)

Week 2 Schedule

Overwatch League Web Site: Overwatch League


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