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Yesterday, it was announced that Overwatch League’s D.C. franchise signed former New York Excelsior coach, Kim “Wizardhyeong” Hyung-seok, and flex tank, Song “Janus” Joon-hwa. NYXL didn’t make it to the Inaugural Overwatch League Final, but still dominated the regular season with a 34-6 record. Wizardhyeong became well known as the brains behind the brawns, often boasting his spreadsheet of strategies, and was arguably the biggest free agent this offseason. Janus often sat on the bench behind Mano, but did see significant playtime when Reinhardt was necessary in the meta. He has also proven to be more than capable on Winston in the past.

The signings signal an obvious goal for the Mark Ein owned D.C. franchise — winning. Assistant general manager Kate Mitchell commented on the importance of the acquisitions in the D.C. team press release.

 “Head coach and main tank are the two most important positions in Overwatch League. The entire style of the team flows from them,” said the Washington, DC’s team’s assistant general manager Kate Mitchell, who selected Kim and Song. “Both Wizardhyeong and Janus are excited to help build one of the strongest teams in the Overwatch League and these signings are a powerful statement of our intentions to compete with the best.”

Janus is the first player signed by the Overwatch D.C. franchise and VP esports will continue to update on the Overwatch League roster situation.

Photo: (Robert Paul, Blizzard Entertainment)

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