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The Overwatch League’s inaugural season was a smashing success in the context of esports, often hitting 100k viewers each match day, courting sponsors and promoting wild fan culture. Today, the Overwatch League officially announced that Season 2 will be even bigger with the addition of eight new teams. As previously reported by outlets such as ESPN, the six remaining expansion franchises were announced as: Chengdu, Hangzhou, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, D.C.

In addition to the franchises, the Overwatch League officially announced the groups backing the new organizations:

Aquilini Group — Canadian family business group that owns the National Hockey League’s Canucks and currently operates Arena will fund the team in Vancouver, Canada.

Bilibili — Chinese streaming platform, entertainment company and current owners of Bilibili Gaming in League of Legends, will operate the team in Hangzhuo, China.

DM Esports — A global company focused on esports and entertainment, previously reported as McCourt Global — owners of the French soccer team Olympique de Marseille — will operate the team in Paris, France.

HUYA Inc. — Chinese streaming platform HUYA — sponsor of numerous League of Legends teams — will operate the team in Chengdu, China.

OverActive Media — Canadian based esports franchise operated by multi-faceted esports organization Splyce and funded by Canadian Entrepreneur, Michael Kimmel, will run the team in Toronto, Canada.

Washington Esports Ventures — Washington based sports organization founded by Mark Ein, founder of World Team Tennis franchise Washington Kastles, will operate the team in Washington, D.C.

The expansion franchises joining the Overwatch League are as follows:

United States Atlanta, United States of America

United States Washington, D.C., United States of America

Canada Toronto, Canada

Canada Vancouver Canada

France Paris, France

China Guangzhou, China

China Hangzhou, China

China Chengdu, China

Photo: (Robert Paul, Blizzard Entertainment)

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