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Houston Outlaws DPS player Matthew “clockwork” Dias and the organization have announced that he will move from an active member of the roster to that of a member of the staff.

clockwork was mostly locked into a backup role as Jacob “Jake” Lyon and Jiri “Linkzr” Masalin had a relatively firm hold on the starting DPS slots. Filling in on specific maps and metas, clockwork found himself receiving no playtime in Stage 4 of the opening season of the Overwatch League.

“Matthew “Clockwork” Dias will be moving into a new non-player role within the Outlaws organization! ” the official announcement from the Outlaws read.

clockwork provided a more details message in the form of a TwitLonger explaining his past, drive to compete, and more.

You can read the full post titled “stuff” below.

“Hey, I’d like to clarify my current situation and future for anyone interested. Bear with me, it’s the evening and I just woke up like 2 hours ago. 

My future playing overwatch in any competitive capacity is uncertain. For a few years now, I’ve tried my best to immerse myself in the game and perform my best. Before OWL, I was ~moderately~ successful, and after a series of unfortunate events with prior teams, I found myself qualifying for Contenders under FNRGFE. Our rise to success helped rekindle the competitive flame that had been slowly dying out over the months and years. FNRGFE’s stint culminated in Contenders Playoffs and a 3rd/4th placing, which was surprising and wildly successful for an unsponsored mishmash of players. Luckily, due to my skill at making and maintaining friends and my reputation, results, and demonstrable skill as a great aimer, I found myself on the Houston Outlaws. I did my best to bring them success as a player, but fell short, due to extenuating circumstances and not possessing the necessary skills to succeed in Overwatch’s current “metascape.”

In lieu of this realization, I spent a large portion of season 1 reviewing VODs and watching scrims to help the team succeed in whatever way that I could. I know that I’m a highly talented FPS player, and despite my age, I’m confident I have the abilities to compete in existing titles and any new ones on the horizon. However, I also have a penchant for organization and behind-the-scenes work. For the time being, I believe it will be better to translate those skills into something tangible and use my experience to help my teammates reach their potential. As a recently-retired OWL player, I have both the context and individual skill to help my teammates in ways many other coaches and staff cannot. For those of you who have always supported me, you have my appreciation. If you liked watching me compete and you want to see more, this may not be the end of my competitive gaming career.

Also, I’ll likely try to stream more often. I’ve made this promise many times before, but now that I’m not actively competing, I feel compelled to prove that I can still play FPS games.”


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