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GOATS composition has come to be extremely well-known and widely played in the Overwatch world since last year. From Bronze all the way to the Overwatch League, teams are utilizing the 3 tanks and 3 support meta to take control and obliterate their opposition (although I can tell you in the mid-tier ranks this fails more often than not). However, OWL has definitely brought to light an epic counter, an obvious one some might say; Sombra.

This past weekend we saw some untouchable Sombra plays from some of the game’s best players. They used EMP and the heroes hack ability to simply turn the tables on their opponents, taking down their shields and making sure that they had no way to fight.

One such Sombra player was Tae-hong ‘MekO’ Kim of New York Excelsior. MekO was able to masterfully place his EMP’s to tear through Boston Uprising in their first game of the weekend and helped NYXL take a close victory too.

MekO’s stats were basically ‘godlike’ by the end of the series, suffering only 3 deaths and being involved in 52 eliminations with his squad. If a proper ‘Most Valued Player’ existed, he should definitely have been the recipient – you can see his stats down below.

With that in mind, know that he was not the only player nor was NYXL the only team to utilize the Sombra pick to push them through to claim victories – such as this absolutely breathtaking EMP from Dante ‘Danteh’ Cruz of Houston Outlaws.

From what I can tell, this is definitely not going to be the last we see of Sombra and I look forward to seeing which teams use the hero and if any find a way to counter her. Maybe, if we’re lucky, Sombra will be the “GOATS-Killer” and we can finally see a new meta building – but there’s a lot of OWL action to come.

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