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For all intents and purposes the Los Angeles Gladiators of Blizzard’s newly minted Overwatch League wasn’t supposed to make the post-season playoffs. With pre-season power rankings placing them anywhere between No. 7 ( and No. 8 (ESPN), this team was a virtual melting pot of nationalities that people thought would hinder its performance.

At first, fans and pundits were proven correct, that is until the arrival of Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek. But little did the organization know, Baek’s gaming tag would become more real than they would have liked.

Coming off an eighth-place finish with a 4-6 Stage 1 record, the Gladiators were in desperate need of some help in the Tank position. That help arrived when Los Angeles acquired Fissure as a second tank, bolstering a roster that sported only seven players.

The move manifested results quickly. Fissure came in and made an immediate impact, lifting the team to a 6-4 Stage 2 record, just two teams off from qualifying for the stage playoffs. And then, in the next two stages, the Gladiators would find pay dirt as they made it to the end stage playoffs, albeit losing in the first round in each.

Sometime, during the last week of Stage 4, something happened and it wasn’t a good thing.

Stage 4 was the beginning of the probable end of Fissure’s time with the Gladiators. While the organization had to know that the 19-year old was outspoken, occasionally having to retract or delete messages posted on social media, they weren’t prepared for his outright unwillingness to be a team player.

When it was announced that Fissure would not be playing the last match of Stage 4 against the Seoul Dynasty because he was sick, fans were upset but understood. However, multiple sources have now come forward stating that Fissure actually didn’t participate because he thought the match was not worth playing because it would not affect the Gladiators seed in the playoffs. After sitting out the last match of the stage, Fissure and his Gladiators teammates lost a hard-fought match against their home town rivals, the Los Angeles Valiant 3-2, with Fissure going 33/47 using his ultimate 23 times.

That was the last time Fissure would suit up for the Gladiators in 2018–and probably ever again.

The Gladiators made the decision to bench Fissure for the post-season playoffs which caught many by surprise, including Overwatch League caster Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles.

While the decision was not an easy one, it was the right one. According to sources, Fissure had lost the support of his teammates and organizational staff with his recent outbursts and blasé attitude. The Gladiators were the favorites, but were now at a severe disadvantage with Fissure out of the lineup. But now, with Fissure being benched, the Gladiators lost that edge and the playoff series against the London Spitfire, 1-2.

Rumors have swirled insinuating that he has treated some of his teammates poorly. And to prove it, Fissure would stay true to form after he decided he would not show up to the arena in support.

Fissure would blame the situation on a conversation he had with someone from the Gladiators. Apparently, Fissure asked what he should do tomorrow, the night before the their last playoff match, in reference to going to the arena. When the person he was chatting with replied that it’s up to you (Fissure) if you want to stay home or come to the arena, Fissure decided to stay home. A decisions that lead the Gladiators in believing that Fissure had no interest in supporting his team.

Fissure, took to his stream to clear the air about what happened, which to many, caused more confusion.

With the Gladiators now eliminated from the playoffs, Los Angeles will have a little more time in order to evaluate the situation and choose whether or not to reconcile with Fissure or part ways and seek another tank.

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