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Blizzard seemingly removes a reference to Jeff Kaplan in Overwatch 2

Blizzard continues to erase developer-related Easter eggs from their games.

Overwatch game director hints at new heroes next OWL season, confirms all 32 heroes will return in the sequel

We might be meeting some new heroes soon.

Shanghai Dragons win the 2021 Overwatch League championship

From 0-40 to 4-0, the iconic team finally gets its happy ending.

Overwatch League players show off Overwatch 2 in first pro exhibition match

Fans got a first look at the peak potential of one of the sequel's new modes, Push.

Overwatch League reveals Sombra and Bastion’s Overwatch 2 reworks

Both heroes have had their ultimates fine-tuned and multiple abilities will look very different in the sequel.

Atlanta Reign qualifies for the 2021 Overwatch League Grand Finals

Meanwhile, last year’s champs and a top Western contender head home.

Overwatch League reveals 2021 Role Stars

Many talented players earned their second annual titles this year.

Dillon Francis to play DJ set at Overwatch League Grand Finals

Dillon Francis is a big fan of Overwatch.

Chengdu Hunters, Los Angeles Gladiators eliminated from Overwatch League 2021 playoffs

Even the 2021 MVP couldn’t hard carry his team to victory.

Shanghai Dragons and LIP apologize for ‘inappropriate language’ heard on broadcast

The DPS player used profanity and a slur towards his opponents during a player comms segment.

Overwatch D.Va bomb goes better than expected thanks to enemy Roadhog

Sometimes the enemy team just helps you out.