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#ChokingHard - Houston Outlaws' game 5 blockage

Perhaps the writing had been on the wall all along. In last years pre-season, Houston Outlaws faced off against state

Why Jayne is right & EU might be the best region

As the storm broke over Jayne’s comments regarding London Spitfire’s and Philadelphia Fusion’s GOATs play, viewers of Contenders--and especially those

At the scrimbucks stock exchange - Rumours from OWL

Welcome to the OWL scrimbucks stock exchange, where the currency is as valuable as a coin from a Russian cryptocurrency

The Overwatch League: Bel's Personal Predictions

image: Overwatch League On Thursday in North America and early in the morning for Europe, the Overwatch League kicks off its

How Boston Uprising smashes in economic roster building

Boston Uprising is the team with the most sophisticated grasp of making money in the transfer market. At least in

Activision Blizzard: A Restructured Explanation

image: Activision Blizzard In a move that we knew was coming for a few days now, Activision Blizzard have laid off

Reflections About Meta Athena

By Joseph "Volamel" Franco Special to VPEsports   Meta Athena’s charming style and rise through the amateur scene captivated fans the world over

Why the Community Countdown Wasn’t Well Thought Out

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment ‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast   The Overwatch League Community Countdown has

Chasing Jjonak -The most promising Flex support rookies

A rookie without any significant competitive history enters the Overwatch League. He’s only known for his streams of high-level Ana

XL2 Academy - a narrative breaks loose

On January 12th, three players of the former XL2 Academy roster, Cloneman16, Mangachu and Goliath, announced that they had been

Could Nevix be Shock's Ace up the Sleeve?

Special to VPEsports by Joseph "Volamel" Franco The San Francisco Shock entered the off-season with a plan: to build a team, no

Lunar New Year Brings Brand New Year of the Pig Overwatch Skins

(Photo: Blizzard) With the Lunar New Year for 2019 underway, it is time for some new skins. The Year of the