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Although busy with the mobile title release, Drodostudio still devotes a lot of attention to the PC version of Dota Auto Chess.

According to a few leaks from PTR servers on April 12, the new patch might bring balance changes for Assassins, Naga, Orc and Warlock synergies, a rework for the Divine Protection buff and a few updates for visual effects.

Gameplay updates:

-The “Lock” option on chess recruitment board will now only last for 1 round.

-Knight synergy “Divine Protection “will no longer protect hexed pieces.

-Added difficulty levels (Easy/Normal/Hard) for single player mode.

For those unaware, a player can create a 1 slot lobby password protected and can play versus “cloud players” in what can be regarded a practice solo mode. The rank is not changing in these “single player” games, but they do make a good tool for those who want to learn the game or get better at it. The current difficulty level for these solo lobby games is hard.

Balance updates:

– Naga synergy “Scale Armor” bonus Magic Resistance changed from +40/+30 to +35/+35

– Warlock synergy “Siphon Soul” lifesteal and spell lifesteal increased from 10%/20% to 15%/25%

– Orc synergy “Battle Hardened” bonus max HP increased from +200/+300 to +250/+350

– Phantom Assassin attack damage reduced from 90/180/360 to 85/170/340.

– Leap delay of Assassins reduced from 1 second to 0.5 second.

Visual effect updates:

Updated visual effects on couriers

Updated the cosmetics for 2-stars and 3-stars Dragon Knight

Updated the visual effect of 2-stars and 3-stars Dragon Knight’s attack projectile under Elder Dragon form and adjusted projectile speed to 800.

Updated the cosmetics for Slardar, Lone Druid and Anti-Mage

Updated the visual effect of Knight synergy “Divine Protection”

Keep in mind that these are all test servers leaks and should not be taken as final patch notes.

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