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Team Liquid and 5men were set to play their play-in stage series at OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division to close out the day, but due to some major problems with the Dota 2 servers, the series has been postponed until Tuesday.

OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division was set to see three best-of-three Dota 2 series today, with the play-in stage following the tiebreaker. However, due to server issues, the final series of the day had to be postponed after the two teams involved struggled to finish even one full game. Team Liquid and 5men were set to close out the day in the play-in stage today, with the two teams fighting to remain in the Immortal Division – the losing squad dropping into the Divine Division. But, after the servers crashed and forced a remade game on three occasions, WePlay! Esports confirmed that the series would be postponed.

The game, the last in the play-in stage, is now set to be completed on Tuesday, September 1st, 2020, as the two teams will get a small break to rethink any strategies which they have or might have revealed moving forward.

The main hope is that the servers will be fixed by tomorrow when OMEGA League: EU Divine Division kicks off its playoff stage with four epic series of Dota 2 action. Tomorrow will see both upper bracket and lower bracket action from the Divine Division with the series listed below:

Lower Bracket:

  • Omegalil versus Cyberium Seed
  • Team Unique versus Khan

Upper Bracket:

  • Cyber Legacy versus Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • HellRaisers versus Natus Vincere

OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division will conclude its play-in stage on Tuesday, with the playoff stage lower bracket kicking off on Wednesday, September 2nd and the upper bracket the following day.

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