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OGA Dota PIT Season 2: China moved on to its second round of upper bracket action today and we would see two series where the victors would make their way into the upper bracket final.

EHOME were almost entirely unstoppable during the group stages of the OGA Dota PIT, losing only a single game as they easily took the top spot in Group A. Today they would go up against Vici Gaming, who they swiftly defeated 2-0 just a few days ago and they seemed primed to repeat that after their recent performances – but this time, upper bracket finals were the prize. Today, when it really mattered most, VG showed up with the performance which we have come to expect from them, burying EHOME in two quick games and claiming their spot in the upper bracket finals.

Things are not over for EHOME just yet though as they will now move into the lower bracket where they will face off against Royal Never Give Up tomorrow.

Invictus Gaming, much like EHOME, were undefeated as they took the top honours in Group B, but they would need to battle CDEC Gaming to secure a spot against Vici Gaming in the upper bracket final. Much like the previous upper bracket series, this was a solid two game victory and it was CDEC who managed to come out ahead. Game one would see them race away into a strong lead, never allowing iG even a moment to turn things around and, even though iG did play a much better second game, all it took was one fight for CDEC to turn everything in their favour.

With their victory, CDEC now set up a series against Vici Gaming in the upper bracket final, where they will hope to repeat their group stage performance against their challengers. For iG, they will need to fight through the lower bracket with Team Aster being their first opponent tomorrow.

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