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In light of the recent news of NRG’s sale of their Counter-Strike division to Evil Geniuses, there were many questions from fans about why the organization which sported a top 5 team in the world would sell it off.

In a recent interview from Dexerto conducted at the Overwatch League finals, NRG CEO Andy Miller provided some insight as to why the decision was made and it comes down to the CS:GO landscape as a whole.

“The problem for us was not the team, it’s the Counter-Strike space,” Miller explained in the interview with Dexerto. “It’s a bit unstructured and extremely expensive now, and as you’re seeing with some of the rosterpalooza going on, and other folks that have verbally (in a grandiose way) said they’re going to enter the space but don’t have teams, salaries are getting jacked up. Honestly, I think it’s just bad business for an organization right now, unfortunately.”

This checks out given the recent news that 100 Thieves and Dignitas were looking to jump back into the scene while Complexity CEO Jason Lake said it was time to go all in and build a juggernaut in the space. All this talk could certainly drive up the price of players with multiple options needing to compete for their abilities.

The ex-NRG and now EG lineup had certainly upped their stock following stellar performances after the addition of Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz including a deep run into the StarLadder Major in Berlin.

“Players wanted to get as much as they can right now, as they should, that’s what they do for a living, but as an org that made it really tough.” Miller explain.

It becomes a bit harder to part ways with the cash to fund those high salaries when you’ve also invested into a top team in the Overwatch League as well as the upcoming Call of Duty League which don’t come cheap.

“We love the game, we love the fans, we loved our team,” the NRG CEO said.

While NRG may have wanted to stay in the space, business is business and it seems this just wasn’t the best move for them at this time.

EG is currently scheduled to play in the semifinals of ESL One New York against G2 Esports later today after powering through the group stage.

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