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You never know what crazy turn League of Legends will take next and what insanity will come out of the debts of Riot’s playtesting sessions. In a recent video, LoL streamer Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani leaked some of the possible new items coming to the game, as well as the working title of a possible new champion.

Well, he probably didn’t intend to, but the vigilant eye of the community didn’t miss them.

New test item: The Lone Champion

The Lone Champion is a new tank item that is, at first sight, just absurd. The item gives +800 health and +10% cooldown reduction. And then there’s its eponymous passive, which grants additional +15% CDR (beyond the cap) if you’re the champion with most health on your team.

In its current form, this would be a dream item for top laners and tanky junglers like Sejuani, Gragas, and Sion. Even beefier mages like Ryze could benefit from that if they are the tanky champion on the team.

New test item: Mark of the Hunt

Here’s one for the ADCs out there. Coming with +250 Health, +40 AD, and +15% Attack Speed, Mark of the Hunt sends its carrier into a Rage, which grants 40 Movement Speed on basic attacks and marks the target so that allies can get that bonus too.

Given that Rage has such low requirements (basically non-requirements), Mark of the Hunt is essentially a permanent movement speed for the entire team provided your ADC is around.

New test item: Spellthief’s Ring

A support item by design, Spellthief’s Ring is all about gold generation. Upon purchase, a player selects one of four bonuses: gold per 10, AD, Health, or AP.

It’s the Ring’s passive that makes it interesting. When you damage an enemy with spells or attacks, you deal additional magic damage. If there’s an ally around (and if you’re support, there always is), you also gain +11 gold. There’s even a QUEST associated with this ability, that increases the rewards.

An item like this will promote a proactive playstyle in the bottom lane, where landing pokes will add to your net worth. Getting good at this will also mean faster support item timings and an overall stronger bot lane from there.

New champion? Aphelios

What’s also interesting is that during champion select, Voyboy’s stream revealed a potential new champion by the name of Aphelios. It doesn’t have an icon, so we don’t even know what he looks like. That might not even be his name in the end, of course.

Also, why are there two Aurelion Sols?

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