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From watching to playing, the popular Netflix show, Narcos, will be getting a video game adaptation in Spring 2019. Through the brilliant minds of Curve Digital, you’ll soon be able to live the life and follow the storylines of the characters you’ve seen throughout the show.

The game is being developed by Curve Digital’s sister company, Kuju. Brynley Gibson, the Head of Studios for Curve Digital Entertainment/Kuju said, “We’re looking forward to creating a game that matches the fantastic storyline and gritty action of the Netflix series. We’re tremendously excited and have some amazing gameplay elements in the works that will please both fans of the show and gamers.”

Curve Digital’s MD, Jason Perkins is excited for the opportunity and said, “Narcos is a fantastic license for us to work with. This critically acclaimed show from Gaumont lends itself perfectly to a video game execution and we’re excited and proud to be bringing this to market.”

Curve Digital is also responsible for “Human: Fall Flat”, a hilarious platform puzzle game where the objective is to escape your dreams by using physics.

Narcos is currently in production for season 4 after season 3 premiered as the most in-demand original show in the U.S. according to Parrot Analytics.

The Narcos video game will hit all major formats in Spring 2019.

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