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CompLexity Gaming have set their roster for the Major as they have acquired Rickeh from Rogue and n0thing as a temporary player for IEM Katowice. As coL are in an interesting situation, I thought I’d break it down.


Currently, coL are sitting on a Major Legends spot which they won at the FACEIT Major. It’s a highly valuable position to be in as the Major process is exhaustive and if they drop out, there is no guarantee that they can make it back given how competitive the NA tier 2 scene currently is.


That along with their diminishing results is why coL have been making roster changes at the end of 2018 as they understand that while a player like yay has potential, that potential likely won’t flourish in time for the next Major and so they need a solution right now. That is why they first got Rickeh and later n0thing.


The IEM Katowice 2019 Major will be a trial period for a bunch of the players involved as tarik is currently on the free market and is currently the biggest free agent in CS:GO outside of Karrigan. In Tarik’s case he made the correct move of standing outside of the Major for now as he is someone who has a taste for winning championships, which was why he left Cloud9 for MIBR. As it stands, the two teams he likely wants to join are currently Liquid or NRG. Should one of those teams have a dismal performance, perhaps that opens up the chance for him to join either team. If they do fine, then he can still join compLexity or an international squad if he is willing to do that.


For compLexity, they also seem to be using this as a trial period of sorts. If things go well and they get another Legends seed they can either keep n0thing or potentially go back into talks with tarik. If things are neutral, they can either ride out the current roster they have or look to upgrade. If things go as badly as they have for the last few months, they can try to reshuffle the deck again with younger talent, whether that be from NA or internationally.


As for n0thing, he explained his reasoning in a video with compLexity. He’s been floating around in the scene since being removed from Cloud9. He’s done some content, some streaming, some broadcasting work, and played as a stand-in for a few teams. It’s clear that he hasn’t fully decided if he wants to continue as a player or if he wants to move on in his career. So this will be a great opportunity for him to get back into the grind of actually preparing for an event to see if this is something he still wants to do. On top of that, he also gets to attend the Major, which is always a plus.

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