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VPEsports had the chance to talk with Execration as they compete in week four of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines Season 6. The sixth season is looking to be one for the books and has $120,000 (₱6,000,000) on the line.

In this interview the Execration roster talks about their new routine, their most vocal player, Aura PH strengths, and more.


VPEsports: First, you guys have had a great start to the season and are at the top of the leaderboard with a 3-1 record as of this interview. What do you think has helped your team the most to have such a great start to the season?

Execration: I think what helps the team to have a great start is our new routine and schedule because of it our practice and playing is more responsible.

VPESports: Which member of Execration is the most vocal and which is the most quiet? Does this cause any conflict?

Execration: Most vocal inside the game is E2MAX because he’s the captain. Most quiet outside the game is hate. Not that much.

VPEsports: You lost a close 2-1 series to Aura PH in your only loss of the season. What do you think stopped the team from being able to take that series from the back-to-back champions?

Execration: They have good defending and spamming heroes such as xborg and luoyi so it’s hard for us to close the game.

VPEsports: If MLBB moved to six players and you could pick ANY player to join your lineup, who would you pick? Why?

Execration: Z4pnu because he’s our 6th man.

VPEsports: What is your team’s best composition of heroes? Why?

Execration: Selena, Lance , Khura we call it a big three.

VPEsports: Which team do you like playing the most and why? Same for which team you dislike playing

Execration: We like playing the most with team Nexplay Solid because of the fans that support both teams. Dislike none.

VPEsports: Individually, what can you work on as a player that will help your team improve as a whole?

Execration: We must do our assignment individually also practice your own skills with playing solo and always grind.

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