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Today it was announced that oskar has been removed from the Mouz lineup and is now a free agent. I consider oskar to be one of the best AWPers in the world. Despite his age, he has proven that he can consistently play at an international level. As that’s the case, I picked out four teams that should be considering him.

Cloud 9 – While the suNny talks have fallen through, I think oskar is an even better choice. While autimatic has done well with the AWP, he’s even more impactful with the rifle. As that’s the case, acquiring oskar could be a natural fit for the team, especially as his aggressive fpl style of play could synergize with golden’s style of calling.

TSM – Another choice is TSM. TSM are looking to get back into CS:GO and oskar is the biggest free agent they could potentially acquire at this time. If they can team him with Scream and Ex6TenZ, then you already have distinct win conditions and only need accompanying pieces to fill out the roster. (If TSM did make this move, I’d also recommend they pickup STKO as well).

HellRaisers – Among the different choices, this is the one that makes the most sense on paper, but the least sense financially. ANGE1 is someone who has worked well  with oskar before. They need an additional AWPer and support player. HellRaisers is another team that should consider picking up both Oskar and STYKO.

BIG – BIG is another good choice. I don’t think nex is the correct fifth player for the current BIG squad as they need a dedicated AWPer and wildcard. Oskar does both of those roles and at a higher level than what smooya did. The biggest problem is if he could work with gob b as oskar seems to chafe under structured systems.

Among the different choices, I’d say Cloud9 is the best choice for oskar as they are the closest to a completed team. We’ll have to see how things pan out going forward.

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