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VPEsports is looking for a couple of skilled and hungry in-the-know writers to cover Overwatch and League of Legends. The ideal candidate is somebody whose life revolves around Overwatch or League of Legends (maybe an additional title or two) and has to be told to go eat instead of watching games and asking yourself if you should buy just one more skin so that you’ll own every single one ever made.

The candidate must also possess the ability to speak to the masses, but make it feel like you are speaking with each of them on-one-on creating a connection that seems almost like two friends talking about something they love rather than some over zealous cool guy telling you how awesome they are at video games.

As a part of the writing team while covering your title, your day-to-day responsibilities will include hunting and digging for pertinent news such as breaking news, roster moves, changes in the meta, recaps, predictions, overviews, and more. This is your game and you should always want to write and tell people about it.

This position is part-time/full-time and is classified as an at-will, independent contractor position.


  • Be first and accurate in reporting breaking news and other important pieces
  • Be an absolute machine in content creation
  • Stay up to date on all the pertinent story lines, game changes, metas, and the pop culture in the scene
  • Understand that breaking news happens 24 hours a day
  • Carry out duties that may be assigned by editorial staff
  • Be able to travel to events for on-site coverage


  • Demonstrated experience as a writer/reporter with inside knowledge of your titles
  • Understanding and knowledge of the cultural aspects of esports and your title(s)
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Be a hunter and get to stories before your industry colleagues
  • Hit deadlines
  • Work and thrive in order to create something bigger than yourself and shape esports culture
  • Loves to play video games but will allow the Editor-In-Chief to always win in PUBG


  • Video Editing and on-air skills


  • Negotiable



Email your resume/CV and cover letter to

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