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Drodo Studio, the Dota Auto Chess developer teased on their Twitter account the arrival of two new chess pieces to the game.

The two image released by the developer illustrate two Dota 2 hero silhouettes that don’t test one’s imagination too much.

Zeus and Mars are going to make their way onto the chess board and if we are to corroborate the info leaked last week regarding a new Race (specie) possibly being added, then the two pieces are most likely to be added under the God race: Zeus as the God of Thunder, Mars as the God of War. The two pieces are joining the chess boards of Dota Auto Chess one month after Riki came to the Dota 2 mod with a new race (Satyr) and after Death Prophet and Mirana have also joined the game. As of now, Dota 2 Auto Chess has 58 chess pieces available, meaning that these two will up this number to 60.


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